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Mining and Crushing Operations Around Australia

Steelcon Pty Ltd was first established in 1967. For the past thirty years Steelcon Pty Ltd has been active in the construction, fabrication, and maintenance industry throughout Queensland. The first branch was established in Mount Isa, and has been the mainstay of the operation since.

Steelcon Cava have many branches and serve the industry to the best of their ability. They have 40 employees in the Mount Isa office and have the facility to employ overseas labour through immigration policy which gives Steelcon Cava the ability to serve Xstrata mine site and other businesses in its surrounding areas with machinery and labour hire. Also specialising in civil engineering, steel/concrete structures and any other projects Mount Gordon may require from our team.

Steelcon Cava has recently purchased a fleet of new machinery from eagle equipment as our company is expanding and we want to provide the best quality of equipment to our value customers.

Steelcon Cava has many branches and specialise in many areas of expertise for example:

  • 18T to 100T crane hire
  • Loaders, excavators, backhoes, bobcats, dump trucks, water carts, tip trucks, concrete plant with agitators, screening plant and step decks
  • Light to heavy fabrication of structural steel
  • Pipe fabrication
  • Pipe laying
  • Demolition and erection of steel structures
  • Demolition and erection of concrete structures
  • Civil engineering
  • Bulk earthworks
  • Water retaining structures
  • Equipment and labour hire
  • Hydraulics
  • Operation, maintenance and repair services

Steelcon Cava's highlights of the year being the purchase of a Hydraulink franchise that services the Mount Isa and outlaying regions, specialising in hydraulic fittings and assembly of all hydraulink fittings required on request. Also the completion of four new sheds constructed in Mount Isa with the help of being able to source the steel from one of Xstrata's structure that was demolished on the lease by Steelcon Cava. One shed being our upgraded large modern workshop and office and three being leased out to other businesses. Also the construction partnership and development of the environmental facility at Mount Gordon between Bioteq water Australia and Steelcon Cava pty ltd.

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Who We Are

Steelcon Cava pty ltd was first established in 1967 and for the past 30 years Steelcon Cava has been active in the construction, fabrication and maintenance industry throughout Mount Isa and the surrounding districts. The first branch was opened in Mount Isa in 1986 and has been the mainstay since.

The company being owned by Mr. Guillermo Alonso since 1993 with Adrian Hogue being general manager for the Queensland region, accompanied by Telma Martinez as administration manager is a team who have overcome a huge challenge throughout the years to make the company a resounding success. Mr. Guillermo Alonso being a man who takes pride in his company and employees also likes to help the local community where and when he can.

Guilermo Alonso was with Steelcon for 15 years before being offered a 30% partnership of the company. In 1993, Guilermo Alonso took over the company which is now known as Steelcon Cava Pty Ltd. Without the special assistance of Italo Speziali and his family, giving Guilermo the chance to take over the company, he would not be where he is today. Also the help and dedication from Lyn Ellis in the early days will not be forgotten.